Mothers Day!

I wanted to say thank you and Happy Mothers Day to my newest mommy clients!

It was a great pleasure spending time with you at Wicked Tulip. I hope your children are making you feel special today :)









Marjories 90th Birthday Party

It was a pleasure photographing the 90th birthday of Marjorie. Your family is so sweet and it was wonderful seeing how happy everyone was to celebrate her and see each other!

I hope you enjoy the gallery. Feel free to download the whole gallery or individual photos. Should you want any professional prints you can order them right through the gallery. Wishing you all the best!

Here is the link

Back on the blog

Hi Guys!!!

So its been a while since I’ve blogged! My last website has been down for quite sometime. I rebranded and quite frankly I wanted to stop managing the Wordpress website myself. My brother is the computer guy in the family, not me. I taught myself Wordpress and boy was it a learning curve! A curve I never quite reached the top of!

So here we are, back with a new name and a new look. What once was Nicole Grace Photography is now Nicole Grace Photography & Associates, I know, big change. :) Although the URL is slightly different, It may be a small name change but its a big change for the business. I am only one person and while I’ve become accustomed to wearing many hats I know I cannot be in two places at once. So I am hiring associates to shoot weddings I cannot within the same style of this brand. Associates will also be a slightly different price point so we can accommodate the couples that are working within a different budget set.

I’m excited to be back. This has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work and consideration has gone into establishing a new business model for Nicole Grace Photography & Associates. So if you are reading this THANK YOU for being here.

Image taken by the super talented Rach Loves Troy at Delta Plantation near Savannah, Georgia

Tulip Sessions

2019 Wicked Tulip has closed for the season. Thank you for your interest! It was a beautiful experience as always!

The tulips are coming, the tulips are coming…


Would you like to be photographed in fields of beautiful organic tulips?

For a few spring weeks these gorgeous blooms grace us with their presence in Johnston, Rhode Island. We are so excited to be offering limited edition sessions for this coveted event!!

As a preferred photographer we can access the fields before and after the public (those are the 9:30 & 7pm sessions) and have access to tickets even on sold out days.

  • How long? The twenty minute session will include 5 professionally edited digital images with print release. A digital photo gallery will be emailed to you for viewing and to select your five favorites. We also offer print products and you can purchase more digitals if you wish. Feel free to request the pricing guide if you want further details on print products.

  • Rain? I couldn’t think of a better scenario for rain then a spring flower session. I will provide clear umbrellas to keep you dry. Rainboots make for a cute look! The fields will close if there are thunderstorms.

  • Kids? Getting children to a photo session in their cute outfits can feel daunting sometimes but rest assured I’m very easy going with children. I have three of my own so I understand their moods and behaviors! A relaxed parent and photographer can help the child relax. We will try for some traditional posed images but know that flowers are very distracting to children. They will want to smell touch and see all of the varieties. Their exploration can make for adorable photos. Plus your adult tickets come with ten stems each!

  • Baskets! Wicked tulip has wicker baskets and buckets available but feel free to bring your own if you want it to match your outfit.

  • Dogs? You are allowed to do dog photo shoots only at my 7pm sessions. You will need to send us the dogs rabies vaccine paperwork before coming on-site. Insurance rules! The dog must be well-behaved and on a leash the entire time.

The duration of the season on the farm is subject to the owners discretion. It is typically a few weeks long.

Wicked Tulip


Please note in addition to the session fee the client is responsible for purchasing their tickets.

How it will work: Once you have reserved your timeslot you will receive a email asking how many tickets your party will require. As a preferred photographer we are allowed to purchase our client tickets on even the sold out days. This is a great benefit but to keep the process streamlined all your tickets need to be purchased by Nicole Grace Photography & Associates. We will send you a ticket invoice to be paid within two days. The tickets will be emailed before the session.

Ticket Pricing

  • Adults(18+) $16.15. ***THIS TICKET INCLUDES 10 U-PICK TULIPS. (additional tulips are $1/stem)

  • Kids tickets 4-17 are $3.50 do not include tulips and never sell out.

  • Children 3 and under are free.


Grab your time slot below!


It is mutually agreed that the following terms of agreement form an integral part of this Contract.

This is a contract for Nicole Grace Photography & Associates Sessions

This is an agreement between the clients to be photographed and Nicole Grace Photography & Associates

Payments:  $100 session fee is required as deposit with this signed contract to secure booking. Fee is based upon a photographic session for up to six (6) people with an additional $25 charge for each person thereafter. BALANCE of $100 is due the day of the session. Payment can be paid through PAYPAL link. Client is responsible for paying the ticket charge withing 2 days of receiving the invoice. If the ticket invoice is not paid within two days Nicole Grace Photography holds the right to give the clients timeslot away without deposit reimbursement.

Cancellation/Rescheduling:  If Client cancels they may reschedule one time if a timeslot is available. If there is a second cancellation the deposit is forfeited. Photographic session is outdoors and the Photographer has the sole right to reschedule a session based upon weather interferences. Wicked Tulip closes its fields if there is a thunderstorm but otherwise we will shoot rain or shine.

Session: The creation of images is at the sole artistic discretion of the Photographer. Client acknowledges that the photographer is a “photojournalistic” portrait photographer and adheres to said style. No shots throughout the session are guaranteed. Client acknowledges that the photographer is using her artistic discretion to create photographs as the photographer sees fit.

Images:  Digital images will be processed and available in an online gallery for download. Original images are maintained for 90 days.

Dogs: Owners are financially responsible for any damage their dog does to the tulips.

Limitation of Liability:  In the unlikely event that all or some of the photographs fail to materialize or there is total photographic failure due to reasons beyond Nicole Grace Photography & Associates control, the liability of Nicole Grace Photography & Associates will be limited to the refund of all money paid. Neither party shall be liable for indirect or consequential losses. In any event, the limit of Nicole Grace Photography & Associates liability shall not exceed the Package Price.

Copyright Release:  The Client agrees that all images belong to Nicole Grace Photography & Associates and it is a criminal offense to copy or reproduce any of these forms or images by any means. Digital images included in the package may be duplicated and posted via email or social media with appropriate credit granted. Failure to correspond with Nicole Grace Photography & Associates will result in legal action. The Client hereby grants permission for all images to be displayed and used by Nicole Grace Photography & Associates for competition, advertising and Internet purposes. Nicole Grace Photography & Associates will endeavor to contact Client for these purposes when necessary.

Agreement: By clicking PAY NOW button below, via PayPal, the Client agrees to accept all terms and conditions as set forth in this contract above.

Wicked Tulip