Back on the blog

Hi Guys!!!

So its been a while since I’ve blogged! My last website has been down for quite sometime. I rebranded and quite frankly I wanted to stop managing the Wordpress website myself. My brother is the computer guy in the family, not me. I taught myself Wordpress and boy was it a learning curve! A curve I never quite reached the top of!

So here we are, back with a new name and a new look. What once was Nicole Grace Photography is now Nicole Grace Photography & Associates, I know, big change. :) Although the URL is slightly different, It may be a small name change but its a big change for the business. I am only one person and while I’ve become accustomed to wearing many hats I know I cannot be in two places at once. So I am hiring associates to shoot weddings I cannot within the same style of this brand. Associates will also be a slightly different price point so we can accommodate the couples that are working within a different budget set.

I’m excited to be back. This has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work and consideration has gone into establishing a new business model for Nicole Grace Photography & Associates. So if you are reading this THANK YOU for being here.

Image taken by the super talented Rach Loves Troy at Delta Plantation near Savannah, Georgia