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1)Do you shoot families and children?

My main focus is weddings & commercial but I love the joy of littles so we offer Limited Edition ‘mini’ sessions 2-3 times a year. The booking of these sessions move quickly so stay tuned on Facebook, Instagram and through website subscription to grab a slot once they become available.

We also hope to offer newborns in the near future.

2)How many photos will we get?

Weddings - Usually we deliver 400-1000 images depending on time frame & attendees.

Commercial - Approximately 50 images per hour of shooting

3)When do we receive our photos?

You will receive your photos within 5 weeks. Your album will take approximately 4 weeks after you have selected your favorites

We will set up a viewing party at the studio if you are in driving distance to 01566. Otherwise we will arrange a day & time for you and your partner to have an online viewing party together.

4)Do you use flash?

No and yes! We always prefer natural light but will use flashes when the light is not adequate. Evening receptions will most likely be shot with flash.

Commercial shoots depend largely on product and location.

5)Will there be one or two people shooting?

Weddings - Depending upon the package that you choose

Elopements - Nicole or one of her associates

Commercial - Nicole solo. Unless it is a larger production then I will bring an additional photographer.

6)What are the investment costs?

Weddings - Our wedding photography coverage begins at $3,500. Intimate weddings begin at $2.500.

Elopements -

Commercial - Begins at $2750

25% due to book

7)What is included in the costs

Weddings & Elopements - Engagement Session, 11x14 print of your session favorite, professional quality wedding album, wedding blog post to share and an online gallery & USB where you can view, share and download the high resolution images.

Commerical - 4hr/8hr/multi-day pricing, 50 images per hour of shooting, extensive editing on your selected favorite images and professional editing on all images.

8)What type of commercial work do you do?

Product, catalog, travel & tourism, model, etc.

I can assist in the planning of the shoot from the look and vibe, style, logistics, location and goal. All while keeping your brand in mind. I used to work in event planning so this process is comfortable for me.

9)Can we order prints, products and additional albums?

YES! I feel its important for a client to walk away with tangible memories for many reasons. Most standard photo labs will not print our imagery to the quality you see on your screen. We want you to have memories to enjoy for the rest of your life. A thumb drive in a drawer can be easily forgotten. I know from experience!

I price my products very reasonably in comparison to others because I want to see my clients have items “to hold”. I have product pricing guides available on request.

10)Do you edit your work?

Yes! All images are professionally edited. For key images we will remove eye sores from the background, smooth and adjust color.

11)Do the photographers eat at the wedding?

If you have one serving left for each photographer that is always appreciated. You do not need to plan seating as we quickly eat at a flexible location at the same time as the guests. We find most guests do like being photographed mid-bite anyhow!

12)How do we proceed?

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